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Crys Harse


While participating in the Cheongju International Craft Biennale Tour of South Korea, I was struck by the country’s rich cultural traditions, from the way in which crafts and their makers are valued, to the care taken in the preparation and presentation of food.   We noticed that even the smallest aspects of life were handled with a sense of ceremony.  My pieces for “Intangible Cultural Assets,” then, represent culture and community: a collection of objects speaking to the use of craft as an element of everyday living.


These pieces reflect my fondness for vessels, surface texture, and interior space.  Bringing architectural elements indoors, as with the inverted roof-line form of “Outside In” and the garden-inspired design of “Bloom” also speaks to my continued interest in recycled materials, in taking what one finds and making it a part of one’s living space.  Under the table, “Laces” and “Rabbit Rabbit” are about story-telling, adding a humorous human element to the collection.  The table itself, made of roasted maple that is quintessentially Canadian but visually reminiscent of the darker woods we saw frequently in Korea, is another integral part of everyday life, and often the centre of community gathering.