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Series Summer Arts School

Red Deer College

Red Deer, AB



Surface Textures for Metals

Metal Basket in a Day

More Adventures with Metals





Metal Basket in a Day

July 18


Turn copper strips into a gorgeous metal basket. In just one day, you will weave a square copper basket using simple basketry techniques combined with metalsmithing skills such as annealing, texturing, and riveting. Learn to attach rims and colour your creations.


Red Deer College 18












More Adventures with Metals

July 20-24


Discover the dynamic property of metal! Be part of the astonishing transformation from a flat sheet of copper to a finished bowl, learning how metal works in the process, and then build on this experience to develop your own individual creation. Expect to make three or four pieces over the course of the week. Explore forming, hammering, sawing, texturing, riveting, and colouring copper, as well as how to alter simple, everyday tools to meet your metalsmithing needs. Experimenting is encouraged, and participants with all levels of experience in any medium are welcome. The possibilities are endless!


Red Deer College 20-24









Surface Textures for Metals

July 13-17, 2015


Learn to develop surface texture and design using simple etching techniques on copper and brass -- etch a piece and make a sculpture! Experiment with many different resists, such as paints, asphaltum, and PNP for smaller projects. We will also discuss etching other materials such as silver, gold, and iron.


Participants may be particularly interested in the unique photo-etching component of the course. While photo-etching is generally taught in printmaking courses, we will focus on the technique’s exciting applications for the home studio in a metalsmithing context, using photo resist with ordinary, everyday tools. Learn how to make your own light box and how to develop photos on metal plates and etch them to produce new and unusual elements of surface texture. Using this technique, any black and white drawing or photo can be etched onto metal and used time and time again as you desire. The etched plate can then be formed into a vessel or sculpture with specially adapted hammers made of rubber, plastic, or leather. Applying a patina and highlighting the etched images provide the finishing touch.


This is not a printmaking course; no paper is involved. However, should you wish to prepare some small plates for your own use after the class, please join us. Participants with all levels of experience in any medium are welcome.



Red Deer College 13 - 17