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Intangible Cultural Assets: Reflections of Korea


at the Alberta Craft Council's Discovery Gallery,

10186 - 106 St. Edmonton, AB until October 30, 2010


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Reflections of Korea

Linda Chow, Crys Harse, Kari Woo and Simon Wroot

September 11 - October 30, 2010 
























In the fall of 2009, Linda Chow, Crys Harse, Kari Woo and Simon Wroot participated in a tour of South Korea in conjunction with the Cheongju International Craft Biennale.  Because the tour was designed for fine craft artists and enthusiasts, the group had the opportunity to see aspects of Korea that other tourists might not; in addition to museums of history, folk life, and craft, they visited the studios of craft artists working in a variety of media, including ceramics, lacquerware, embroidery, and woodworking.

The four were especially struck by the degree to which Korean society has always valued its artists and craftspeople as culture-makers, to the point of officially deeming some of them, together with certain traditional crafts and cultural practices, “Intangible Cultural Assets.”  The ways in which craft is significant to ordinary Korean life--as part of a common heritage--was something of a revelation.

These impressions provide the inspiration for “Intangible Cultural Assets,” as Linda, Crys, Kari, and Simon consider them in the context of the diversity of their own Canadian craft culture.